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Packaging Solution

The department of packaging solution manufactures in a clean room of the level 5 ISO 14644 (class 100 Fed. Std 209E). The areas of manufacturing semiconductor assembly parts as well as optical components to sensors or modules belong to this section. Hereby prototypes and small batches are assembled as well as large-scale-production as over 1 Million a year.We particularly focus on a fast delivery of prototypes within 10 working days.

The following technologies we offer to our customers are assembled in our clean room on ~150 m²:

  • Laser marking (Inscription of ceramic packages, printed circuit boards,…)

  • Wafer dicing up to 300mm (12’’) (Si Wafer, ceramic, filter glass, glass plates,…)

  • Chip bonding (image sensors, LEDs, photodiodes, MEM’s,…)

  • Aluminium wire bonding (wire diameter: 17.5µm to 75µm)

  • Gold wire bonding (wire diameter: 17.5µm to 50µm, including finepitch)

  • Passivation (glob top materials, dam & fill, optical/ transparent glob top)

  • Plasma activation and cleaning

  • Final testing (custom-build)

  • SMD Assembly (in cooperation)

Our customers are also able to access particular technologies, for example dicing of filter glass, masks on the corresponding final dimension or the attachment of optical elements by using chip bonding technology on LEDs or sensors.